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Our aim 

We have a simple goal – to help businesses reap the benefits of neurodiversity.

We’re all unique. We all think differently, we all have our own strengths and challenges. Many of your employees and customers will be neurodivergent. Whether Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism, Dyspraxia, or something else, we want to help you understand and gain from neurodiversity. 

The benefits are clear:

A happy, diverse, workforce where everyone feels valued

Better understanding of your clients – and more sales as a result

A chance to lead the way in diversity and inclusion

If you employ 100 people with the same way of thinking, you get one idea… If you employ 100 people with different ways of thinking, you get 100 ideas!  

Awareness, recruitment, support, client outcomes…

We offer:

  • Awareness training for all staff
  • Help to make your recruitment process more neuroinclusive
  • Client focused training – better serve your many neurodivergent clients
  • Specialist support for more bespoke needs

Everything we do is designed to suit your needs. Our user-friendly e-learning is optimised to be studied on any device. We can even white-label it for your own learning management system. Our trainer led sessions and specialist support can be delivered online through Teams or Zoom, or in person in your offices. We’re not-for-profit, we’re just about education.

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