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I am Dyslexic, there I said it.

Being diagnosed with Dyslexia helped me understand my numerous struggles.

For example:
I hate reading. It takes me too long to read and I find myself rereading texts several times to understand what has been written. Thank goodness for Audible!

I sometimes struggle with writing, especially with grammar! Thank goodness for Grammarly and my husband!

I sometimes struggle to get my words out in the right order or say a word that does not make sense (especially if I am overtired). For example – telling my children to put their dirty dishes in the washing machine, instead of the dishwasher.

Has this held me back? Definitely not! I had to find different ways to approach my studies and work. I have a degree in education and have my national qualification in Headship and Executive Leadership. I am a trained coach. I am a trained child protection and safeguarding training and an accredited safer recruitment trainer. I have successfully led many schools and now am a director of About Consulting Group. My passion is Safeguarding, so we started About Safeguarding one of our many successful businesses!

Have I had to hide my struggles in the past? YES! Especially being in the education profession. How could I possibly be a teacher with dyslexia?? Unthinkable!

Did I keep it a secret? Most definitely! I have only in the past couple of years started to tell people. And a few did say, they already knew… that shocked me. And then, of course, I panicked – thinking I hadn’t hidden it well enough!

Have I spent ages thinking about posting this? Most definitely. Not only rereading it a thousand times to check it makes sense but wondering if people will look at me differently.

The reason I am posting this? To hopefully show that it’s not something to be ashamed of and actually neurodiversity rocks.

I say embrace your neurodiversity. It makes us awesome.

Also, here is a list of some awesome people with Dyslexia. Richard Branson, Orlando Bloom, Tom Cruise, Walt Disney, Whoopi Goldberg, Keira Knightley and many more

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