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Sometimes we can all benefit from a fresh set of eyes. 

Sometimes, we just need a little extra help from a specialist. Whether that’s an independent review of your policies and procedures, or some extra help with an individual’s needs, we have the expertise to assist. We want your business to thrive and that means recognising the needs of both your staff and your clients. 

We’ve got huge personal and professional experience in neurodiversity across the Financial Services, Education and Health Care sectors and we want to share this with you.  

We can offer:

  • Coaching and mentoring for Employer and Employee
  • Workplace reviews and audits 
  • Support for individual neurodivergent employees 
  • Help with performance management issues

Our entire team has significant experience of working and living with neurodiversity and our specialist consultant has decades of practical experience in the NHS.

Why not get in touch for an informal chat, to see how we can meet your needs.

You can:

  • email us on
  • fill in the contact form and we will get in contact with you
  • call us on 01604 811 463
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Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.

Misty Copeland